Looking Back at 2013

31 Dec

2013 has turned out to be my best year yet. My lucky number 13 feels even luckier as I look back and reflect on the past year. Below are my top 10 highlights of 2013:

1). Getting engaged. On January 25th, Dave proposed and it was perfect. I chronicled the weekend here. Six months later we had our engagement photos done by our awesome photographer Josh Elliott.



2). Picking our venue and diving into all the wedding planning. I’m glad Dave and I started early and hit the ground running. I think I have officially overdosed on wedding magazines and wedding Pinterest boards. In April, we chose Terranea as our wedding venue and with each visit, it’s never lost on me how lucky we are to have our wedding there. While I am a city gal, I will always have a love for the ocean.



3) Weekend getaway to Seattle. We got to take in Seattle which I especially fell in love with during this trip. We also got to catch up with our pals Christina H. and Kelly A.


IMG_0732 IMG_0738

4). Dave moved in. Having never lived with significant others before, this was a first for the both of us. So far so good 🙂


5) Summer vacation at Lake Coeur d’Alene. I look forward to this weeklong vacation every year. It’s so nice to escape city living and hang out on a lake for a week with Dave’s family.

IMG_1182 IMG_1219


6). Attending the wedding of Amy and Ian. It was so surreal to see two of our good friends getting married. We had a ball celebrating with them in Healdsburg.




7) Completing the Standard Process Cleanse and Turkey Trot. I surprised myself. I completed the cleanse successfully thanks to the support of my acupuncturist and my gal Christine W. who joined me and did the cleanse with me. A couple months later I ran and completed the Turkey Trot 5k with Chris and Alix. I never thought I could do it but thanks to a bet/monetary incentive and the encouragement of Chris, I did it and walked away with $40 and more self-confidence.

IMG_5204 IMG_5197


8).  Baby Claire was born! My future sister-in-law creates the cutest babies so I couldn’t be more thrilled about the arrival of sweet baby Claire.



9). Mom’s birthday in SF. I always look forward to my mom’s trips to SF which usually involve staying at our beloved Huntington Hotel. This trip we did the SF Ballet’s Nutcracker, Top of the Mark, Big 4, Bistro Central Parc, The Fairmont, my first dress fitting, and mom’s favorite burger (The Tejano) at Roam Burger.


IMG_5497 IMG_5536



10). Disneyland with Dave at Christmas Time. I hadn’t been to Disneyland since high school and every time I brought it up to Dave, he looked as though it was the last thing he wanted to do. He surprised me though and got us tickets to the park a few days before Christmas. Highlights included Space Mountain, Nightmare Before Christmas-themed Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Carribean, and spinning around in the Teacups while the Christmas parade went on right next to us. I think I may have converted him into a Disneyland-going guy.

IMG_5565 IMG_5645 IMG_5573



IMG_5647 IMG_5615 IMG_5643 IMG_5642

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year’s and I’ll see you next year! XOXO


Autumn Haps

21 Oct

I can’t believe it’s almost November 1st! I’ve been trying to cozy up and enjoy one of my favorite seasons of all. I was sipping on my Pumpkin Spice Lattes like there was no tomorrow until I realized how much sugar was in one of those babies and until I started my 21-day cleanse. I am on day 10 which is probably longer than the FiFi (short for fiancee) thought I would last. This may be the longest I have gone without alcohol since I can remember but surprisingly it hasn’t been that bad. No dairy, gluten, sugar, caffeine, meat or fish for the past 10 days. So far this is my favorite recipe I have come across. I decided to do the cleanse after my old acupuncturist sent out an email about it. It spoke to me and my desire to have more energy and not feel as tired…and well to lose some lbs.  I also wanted to prove to myself that I could do it and so far so good.


Saturday I caught up with my old high school friend Irene and we went to one of my favorite food spots in the city (best salads and sandwiches). They actually had a salad (the Fall salad) I could eat on the cleanse (minus the pine nuts) and the Detox salad. Irene and I used to chat for hours in high school. I mean we were “talkers” and it turns out nothing has changed. Check out Irene giving a TED talk below. So proud of her!

Dave and I went to the Half Moon Bay fest this past Sunday with Christine and Brett. We had a ball despite the fact that Christine and I were slurping our protein shakes and eating our veggies (she’s doing the cleanse with me) while the boys pigged out on pumpkin cheesecake and beef sandwiches. She and I both took a pumpkin bread loaf home to freeze so that it will be ready for us post-cleanse 🙂

photo 1 photo 2

The wedding is six months away and I’ve got weddings on the brain. I can’t stop watching Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta. I love that show and want to be Lori Allen’s friend in real life. Who’s with me?? Watching the show can be dangerous though especially when you have already purchased your dress. I can’t wait to be reunited with my dress in January when I go for my first fitting. Momma M. is flying to SF for it and I can’t wait for her to see me in it.


Other than that, I am still obsessed with all things Downton Abbey.  Thanks to my new fave blog A Golden Afternoon, I found a way to watch the current season early with the rest of the UK instead of waiting for January to roll around. I am in love with these pictures of Lady Mary on her wedding day to Matthew….

5d3e77d1a94d7f1b9c92c68d23120fbd Wallpaper-downton-abbey-32428606-1920-1080


Summer Recap

13 Sep

Ratty’s back after a summer hiatus. I’ve been a bit on auto-pilot these past couple months and feeling a bit behind but now we are in my favorite season of all: Fall! Whether it’s associating Fall with heading back to school or just that the air is crisper, I always feel an urge to renew and refocus when Fall rolls around. Clean the closet, go through the mail and magazines that have been piling up in the corner, dust off the gym shoes. I can’t wait to get my Halloween decorations out! Yes, I am becoming that holiday-crazed lady who tries to recreate sitcom living room sets during the Halloween and Christmas episodes.

I promise to post more regularly here. It’s a busy and exciting time right now. According to our wedding website, I will be a married woman in 237 days or around 8 months. While the summer did go by in a blur, there were many highlights…

Hanging out at Lake Coeur d’Alene for Memorial Day weekend with Mr & Mrs. O



Celebrating Allie Bling Bling’s bday at her beautiful bday brunch….


Shooting our engagement photos with the wonderful Josh Elliott. They ended up being featured on the wedding blog Green Wedding Shoes which we are super excited about…

SF-engagement-02 SF-engagement-05 SF-engagement-08


Having my gal Christa visiting from China and staying with us for a month in July…

IMG_0929 IMG_0936 IMG_0945

(This was one of my favorite days. The gals and I headed across the bridge to explore Petaluma but made a quick stop at the best diner around…The Freemont Diner)


Finding my wedding dress at this wonderful store in Alameda called Janenes and having my gals right there with me when I discovered “the one.” Gotta save the surprise for the big day, so enjoy this image which is from this cringe-worthy Youtube sensation


Dave and I furnishing and creating our home together in our lil apartment…


Amy’s bachelorette partay in Tahoe! After 10 years of living in the Bay Area, I finally went to Lake Tahoe. Woot!


Another trip to beautiful Lake Coeur d’Alene but this time the Champions were there too. Weee! 

IMG_1085 IMG_1222 IMG_1248 IMG_1088

This is the end of the pics for now. As I was getting out of the boat on our second to last night at the lake, I accidentally dropped my camera into the lake. Dave dove into the lake and recovered it like a true gent. The camera was destroyed but I am so grateful that I didn’t lose all my pictures. I will miss that camera. I’m saving up to buy the same one.

Heading to Los Angeles tomorrow for my Dad’s bday and some wedding planning fun. Have a wonderful weekend!



Miranda Y’all!

23 May

“You would think a Slayer concert would be the rowdiest. But no, it’s country music shows that get the craziest.” – Shoreline Amphitheater employee

I saw Miranda Lambert a couple weeks ago and well…yeah it was a shit show. She was great but those country music fans sure do love their drink. I heard this song for the first time and she had this music video playing in the background which I got a kick out of. Enjoy! Oh and if you see the new Life & Style magazine with her on the cover saying that she’s pregnant with kids, it aint true. “I just heard from my agent that there’s another magazine claiming I’m pregnant. I want to point out that I am drinking y’all (holds up her beer koozie). I just love my cheeseburgers.”

Now that’s what I call refreshing y’all!

Weddings Back Then

9 May

With our wedding exactly 360 days away, my mom has been going through some old boxes filled with momentos from her own wedding. She sent me the receipt for what her wedding cost back in 1983. All I can say is…..wow. I would have dealt with the 80’s bad hair and heinous fashion if it meant things were this good and cheap—–>


Thanks to inflation and 30 years, a wedding at this same venue would cost about 13xs that.

Ok For Real This Time

26 Apr

Alright Ratty Readers! Raton is about to get a little personal on this here blog. Thanks to my trainer Ms. Tammy Foxx ‘s suggestion, I am going to share my weight loss goal with you so that I can be more “accountable.” Sure I have told friends about my weight loss goals. Sure I have told family about my goals (or they have told me what my goal should be…hi mom!). BUT I have not told the blog world- all 3 of my faithful readers.

So basically with a gym membership (I don’t even want to admit how many times I have gone in the last year…it’s sad people) and my trainer, there aint no more f*cking around. Also, if looking fab in my wedding dress next year is not enough incentive, I don’t know what is.

I will be tracking my progress here each week and by June 25th, I hope to be down 13 lbs. 13 is my lucky number. The overall goal is to be down 20 but I want to be healthy and not crash-diet.

So this means no more of the following:

  • Eating out 5 times a week
  • Buying groceries and having them go bad because of the above
  • Treating myself (it’s not a treat if it’s every other day)
  • Diet Cokes
  • Convenient snacks in the work kitchen (no mas Cheezits!)
  • Drinking too much
  • Burritos on the weekly
  • Indulging my sauce addiction- no you do not need ranch with pizza
  • Using San Francisco and city-living as an excuse

And more of the following:

  • Exercising at least 4 times a week
  • Walk breaks during the work day
  • Eating vegetables and fruit regularly
  • Drinking LOTS of water
  • Cooking regularly
  • Stretching
  • Vitamins
  • Home work-outs
  • Working out in the morning


Ratty’s for real this time. Stay tuned!

Current Obsessions

4 Apr

Downton Abbey: I know I’m VERY late to the game when it comes to Downton but I started watching this past weekend and I was completely blown away. Mary & Matthew forever! I’m currently on Season 2 Episode 1 and trying to avoid doing any research on the show so that I don’t stumble across any spoilers. A waiter told me I looked like a young Elizabeth McGovern so naturally I had to look her up. Who knew the Countess of Gratham was once engaged to Mr. Sean Penn?


Cold War Kids: I feel like I’ve been out of touch with the music scene over the past year but I am completely in love with the Cold War Kids new album Dear Miss Lonelyhearts especially the song “Water & Power”  I will definitely be seeing them May 23rd at the Regency Ballroom. Who’s coming with?


Montana & Wyoming: Some may dream of sandy beaches and tropics but I day dream about going to one of these rugged  states. I sent away for a brochure to Paws Up Resort and well every page made me want to go even more. I hope I can go to WY or MT and live in a cabin for a week, ride horses during the day, and cozy up to the fireplace with a little whiskey and a good book (ok maybe no whiskey since I don’t fair well when I try to drink and read).



Dancing with the Stars: Team Zendaya and Val all the way. He’s got swag for days and she’s crazy talented. I’m still convinced there may be a love brewing between these two despite the fact that she’s 16 and he’s 26. How did I not discover this show sooner? The drama! The celebs! Andy Dick! Our  new Tuesday gals night ritual ❤


I must have watched this dance at least 10 times. I never had much interest in dancing or dancers but all of a sudden I want to be on the MTV’s MADE so that I can try to transform into a professional dancer. I’ve also been obsessively listening to the One Republic song they dance to (“Feel Agan”). I’m convinced this is the song I want to use for our wedding video ❤