R.I.P. Sparks (2002-2008)

19 Dec


We had some good times indeed. Amelina and I wouldn’t start our parties or nights without you. We knew you were bad. We knew you were unhealthy, BUT you did the job. I found out this morning that you will no longer be around. In this announcement, your true colors were exposed: caffeine, taurine, ginseng, and guarana, and some alcohol too.  What the eff?! While I liked you a lot, I think you not being around is for the best. I will miss you old friend. Rest in peace.

“Its critics dislike the high acidity, sweetness, and blatantly artificial flavor. Ironically, fans like the beverage for the same reasons, although the caffeine and high alcohol content, as well as the herbal components, also play a factor. Sparks also has a tendency to change the color of the tongue and teeth temporarily, after consumption of several of these beverages due to FDC & Yellow No. 5. In some regions this discoloration is referred to as “Sparks Mouth”. The drink caught on within the American hipster community, which has been known for its ironic glorification of several other cheap, low-grade alcoholic beverages.” – Wikipedia

And there you have it.


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