Man On Wire

21 Dec


I finally got around to seeing the documentary “Man On Wire,” and I was dumbstruck afterwards. It was crazy and inspiring and made me realize that while I may not be able to live life as intensely and on the edge as Philipe Petit, I can at least try to stop with the worrying and hesitiation. I mean if this guy can tightrope across the World Trade Center towers and survive, then I can sure as hell walk six blocks to Christa’s house without dying.


One Response to “Man On Wire”

  1. wjfry December 21, 2008 at 6:37 am #

    Without a taxi? I don’t even think you have to go uphill, its a great step!!
    And I updated Michelles link 🙂 she got a new page! Hope youre having fun at home!!!

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