Show Me The Blueprints Show Me The Blueprints Show Me The Blueprints Show Me The

4 Jan

First Sunday of 2009 looked like this for me: woke up, showered, had daily morning conference with Amy recounting the previous night’s events, ate leftover burrito from last night in the Mission (it wasn’t good), walked to corner store to buy Diet Coke to accompany breakfast of champions, watched Mitch Hedberg dvd, watched YouTube clips of Mitch Hedberg, read articles about Mitch Hedberg, talked to Celeste (Hi-C), dusted, attempted to clean room, took down christmas decorations, watched Charlie Rose interviews.

And now for the big event of the day at this fine hour of 3pm: buy Kombucha and rent The Aviator. I can’t wait to netflix or buy it at Amoeba. As my dad would say, “shit that was one hellavuaaah movie.” (Note: after seeing this when it first came out, I randomly saw Leo D.  in Beverly Hills in Coffee Bean while I was  fetching coffee for Heather Henderson. Shaking like a leaf, I decided that as I walked by his table towards the door, I was going to say “Hi Leo, congrats on the Golden Globe win last night.” At that very moment, his posse sat with him at the table and I lost my nerve. Next time)

2009 resolutions to come shortly. I normally have these mapped out weeks before the big day, but that doesn’t seem to be the case this year. I do have some blueprints for them though.


Note: Saw Revolutionary Road yesterday. Great acting, but depressing as all hell. It didn’t help that Chris was being creeped on the entire two hours by a perv in a nylon jacket.

Note 2: Songs I am currently obessed with and listening to on repeat————>

Rilo Kiley “Silver Lining”, Kings of Leon “Closer”, The Helio Sequence “Back to This”, M.I.A. “Paper Planes (DFA Remix)”


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