New Years Resolutions 2009

6 Jan

This year I decided to try to keep things simple and cut down my list of normally 10-15 resolutions down to a few (or half). I also made a mental note a few weeks ago that this year, I wasn’t going to have any diet, lose x amount of weight, go to gym three times a week bullshit—because when I make that a resolution, it’s like the kiss of death–not going to happen. I have a tendency of declaring some of my big plans which hasn’t always been the best idea. Say for example the time I returned from the memorable four day Tony Robbin’s seminar in Long Beach. I called almost everyone I knew declaring that I was now a vegetarian. That lasted three days. Or a few months ago, when I said I was going to lose 10 lbs before Thanksgiving due to a little deal I made. Dieting during the holidays is for masochists. There was the time I wasn’t going to drink for two weeks in order to pursue the South Beach life. Again, the holidays and the pursuit of jolliness interfered. So for 2009, I am going to try to keep it simp and low-key. I will do my very best to make these things happen, one by one.


1) Dry-clean Amy’s shirt I borrowed from Halloween
2) Read 2-3 books a month
3) Cook a meal once a week
4) Take 2-3 trips out of state
5) Walk further distances
6) Live in the present and appreciate what I have now
7) Party


One Response to “New Years Resolutions 2009”

  1. celie January 6, 2009 at 10:50 pm #

    i like it!

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