Friends, Until I Delete You

31 Jan

It’s as if the editor at NY Times was reading my little paranoid mind. Lately, I have been feeling uneasy with the amount of “friends” (used very loosely) I have on Facebook–especially considering that by looking at my profile, you can see hundreds of pictures, who my friends are, where I live, what I did last weekend, where I work, and the list goes on. Sure, I could limit my profile and put minimal information on it, but then where’s the fun in that? So over the course of a couple weeks, I have been hitting that ol’ delete button. I have a mini crisis almost every time, but I gotta do what I gotta do to keep the anxiety at bay. If I can’t place your face in a room in real life, then we should just go our separate online ways. I feel like a jerk, but if you have between 250-1000 friends and we haven’t talked in years, then where’s the harm?

Read this article.

“Let’s be honest here, questionable Facebook friend,” he wrote. “We’ve been keeping you around all this time because we’d just feel bad if you ever found out that you got the ax. It’s just, well, up until now nobody offered us a Whopper in exchange for your feelings.”


Also, when you get the chance, check out this video where Demetri Martin puts in his two cents. Yazheard.


p.s. thanks to jimmy james and jack for providing me with the above content.


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