Sundance 2009 Yeah Baby!

6 Feb

Sundance 2009 (January 22-25)

Location: Park City & SLC, Utah

This was my third time going to Sundance and hot damn was it the most productive and exciting Sundance experience yet. Normally in the past, we would be lucky if we saw two movies. Sitting staring bleakly at the computer screen with our options disappearing before our eyes as movies sold-out. These movie people do not fuck around when it comes to organizing and planning their Sundance schedules. Thankfully our Utah resident Heather Henderson was able to utilize craigslist in addition to buying us some tickets last-minute additional screenings.

Sundance 2009 in a nutshell: Heather’s awesome three-story castle of a house (with two kitchens…baller!), her equally amazing dog Maeby (I now get why people are so attached to their dogs), movies up the kazoo, freezing temp and snow a plenty, getting lost in parking lots, slipping, a shitload of junk food, SLC bar life, drinkin and dancin in the castle, animal collective, early wake-up calls, Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the flesh, thrift shop, and seeing one of my favorite movies to date: 500 Days of Summer. Here is the breakdown of what we saw; in the order we saw them:

1) We Live in Public (documentary winner)

2) Moon (Sam Rockwell—this was by far my least favorite)

3) 500 Days of Summer (AMAZING….esp. when JGL spoke afterwards and was nervous as hell which makes him even hotter.)

4) Paper Heart (Michael Cera….half documentary/half scripted/ this was my second favorite)

5) Mystery Team (supposed to see “The Carter” -Lil Wayne doc-but we got this instead-heather walked out after five minutes while the cast sat behind us–ouch)

6) Push (drama winner. excellent but very hard to watch due to disturbing content matter—biggest pleasant surprise)



Waiting in line for “Push”


In front of Heather’s dad’s house


Jordan Gordon Lordon’s stalker


Half Pint starts a war


Heather and her faithful girlfriend Maeby


Bar Night




My dreamboat Joseph at screening of “500 Days of Summer”


To be continued Sundance 2010…..


One Response to “Sundance 2009 Yeah Baby!”

  1. Vintage Barbie February 7, 2009 at 12:09 am #

    Hi Dolly

    Sounds like this year’s trip ranks as a BTE (best time ever). The pictures were great and gave me a real sense of the the trip. You looked very good out in the snow–that’s my baby–Jax to the max!

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