Vintage Barbie in the City

5 Mar

Vintage Barbie (a.k.a. my mom) visited this past weekend and despite this motherf*cker (sorry for the language VB, I have to use this word to really drive it home) of a cold, we had a ball. I stayed with her at the Stanford Court hotel–liked it better than the Westin because it was smaller and friendlier (almost like a ghost town). Our favorite amongst the hotel staff, June, greeted us day in and day out, asked how our day was, offered up friendly smiles and kept pushing the wine/cheese personal tasting on my mom. Thing done: Amelie wine bar on Polk Street (chic French waiters with lots of jewels and hair gel and great appetizers), Crepevine (walked mom to Pac Heights Mansions walking tour), VB checks out Grace Cathedral and Labyrynth, Fino restaurant for dinner, Caffe Cento at Fairmont, Nob Hill Cafe for breakfast, Yoshis jazz club (accidentally bought matinee tickets which was the kid show—best form of  birth control….made me seriously consider waiting very long before I have kids, Randy Westin killed it nonetheless), Nob Hill Cafe for dinner. It was a great trip despite the rain and virus. Agreed that she needs to visit me at least three times a year.




View from hotel



Waiting for the #1


Alta Plaza Park (starting point of Pac Heights tour)




Divisadero produce market gets VB’s approval


Nob Hill Cafe (two visits in one day)




One Response to “Vintage Barbie in the City”

  1. Vintage Barbie March 5, 2009 at 6:02 pm #

    I had a great visit. There’s no place like SF, the most beautiful city in the US!!

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