$127/ 7 Days

1 Apr

Last Monday I decided (after feeling like I was spending like Queen Oprah Winfrey), that I would try to exist on $100 for the week. I could do it. I was pretty sure I could, especially when I found out that I had finally received a check from the Airborne class action lawsuit…$27 whole dollars! So I upped the budget to $127 and was on my way to smart choice-making. And then, life (or as they say, “shit”) happened. The following is how I lost a bet against myself. It wasn’t even close.


Monday 3/23 ($22)

$14-cab to work  (due to back problems)

$6- Soup

$2 (soda and sparkling water)

Tuesday 3/24 ($18)

$15-cab (back problems again)

$2-soda and water

$1-iTunes song

Wednesday 3/25 ($25)

$10-gross salad from Sellers

$12-3 drinks at Happy Hour

$2- water and soda

$1- english muffin

Thursday 3/26 ($46)

$1- english muffin

$5- subway footlong

$5-work gift donation

$5- body wash

$15- dinner at Golden Buddha

$10-2 drinks at 540

$5-cab home

Friday 3/27 ($56)

$8- salad

$3- froyo

$45- drinks at 821 and Tee Off plus cab

Saturday 3/28 ($17)

$17- water, popsicle, bottle of wine

Sunday 3/29 ($87)


$20-petty cash which resulted in boba tea, chips and guac, and thai dinner

Monday 3/30 ($20)

$15-cab ride due to insomnia from the previous night

$5- footlong sub


So let’s tally it up folks. The grand total= $291!!! (went over by $164). So the above list was embarrassing for me to look at, however much was learned.  Here’s what I took away from this self-challenge:  taking notes on your expenses is smart and very VERY sobering, having a life can be expensive, and self-discipline is not an easy road.


Note: Discretionary expenses list did not include bills or health costs (i.e. chiropractor visit or trip membership)


5 Responses to “$127/ 7 Days”

  1. Vintage Barbie April 1, 2009 at 5:12 am #

    Well, if groceries cost $67 a week what you really have to play with weekly is $60 (when you are lucky enough to get a settlement from a class action suit against Airborne or other marketing charlatans). In SF it can be tough to “party” on $60 a week but not impossible. Since you usually go out drinking and eating with the same tight crew, I suggest you exchange forays into overpriced boites for more at home entertaining spread out amongst all your pals. Have a chili cookoff at someone’s home with beer tastings. You could also host wine tastings (limit $10 a bottle) and appetizer pot lucks. Write a blog about the best values. Invite like minded people to join your circle (Do a Christian and charge admission). It could also lead to meeting new young people with similar interests and financial challenges. Another idea; go out as a group on one of those explore SF docent tours I took and have a picnic with wine and goodies afterward. Your city should only be expensive for rich old tourists, they can afford it and should proud to be hip enough o contribute to the tax base of a national treasure like San Francisco.

  2. Rita April 1, 2009 at 5:01 pm #

    Oh man, I know how that goes… But that is now why I bring food to work everyday for breakfast/lunch/snacks… Such a huge money saver!

  3. Jamie April 2, 2009 at 7:10 am #

    Stop taking cabs.

  4. celie April 2, 2009 at 9:13 pm #

    wow, you are very brave for doing this! I should totally do it, too but I know I would be disgusted with myself, haha. hope your back is doing better!

  5. Miss Chris April 2, 2009 at 10:40 pm #

    I second the cabs comment…Haha. However, I think you already know where I stand on that issue.

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