Last Week of April

3 May

Today is Sunday May 2nd and it is now 4:14am. Let’s just say last night I went BIG and today involved two naps which has resulted in a case of insomnia. So I figured let’s take to the blog and do a wrap-up of my week, which was full and long.

Monday= Worked out with trainer. No cardio, all weights and TRX, thought I was going to pass out after and sat on the couch next to the locker room for twenty minutes afterwards. Forgot that I had babysitting so I went to the Marina after work to do that.

Tuesday= Lunch with JI, happy hour at 821, Papalote, sore as hell from previous day’s workout.

Wednesday=Doctors Appointment. Found out I have an ulcer. Saw Thao Nguyen at the Independent. She was the first person I interviewed for the college paper and it was the first article I did as Scene Editor. When I saw her two years ago, there were about 10 people at her show. Now, she packs venues. I bought tickets at the box office (I never do this) and they charged me twice so for my troubles, they gave me VIP passes which meant we could watch from the balcony and we had a great view of the show. I think the whole random situation was a sign. It was a very good show. She is one cool lady and rocks out like a badass with her big guitar.

Thursday=Lunch with Cyrus and dinner with Reet and Christa.

Friday= Tee Off for Reet’s birthday celebrations. After waiting 20 minutes to get bartender’s attention, I place my drink on the table and it slides right off (had a slant apparently). Wait 10 more minutes and get drink again. Head to party in Lower Pac Heights and partied very hardy.

Saturday= Recovered, got hair did, went to Subway, napped/recovered some more, Chicago-style pizza dinner with Chris, girl talk, and now insomnia and hearing upstairs neighbors have sex. Joy!

Twas a good week indeed!



One Response to “Last Week of April”

  1. Vintage Barbie May 3, 2009 at 6:08 pm #

    Yes, but was it good for your health? I see only one trip to the gym.

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