Smoothies & Sun

5 May

Tomorrow I head to Maui to visit my friend of 20 years Ms. Megan Wood (aka Meggy). I’ve known this girl since we were in pre-school and playing AYSO soccer in the under 5 league (aka kids standing around staring at daisies instead of kicking balls).  We walked home together in junior high. We baked cookies. We played Pretty Pretty Princess. We went to the beach day in and day out. We carpooled in high school. We got into trouble together in high school. She visited me multiple times in SF during my college days. BUT, my South Bay partner in crime moved to Maui a couple years ago and I’ve only seen her once since then. Needless to say, I am VERY excited for the reunion.

My parents are pretty damn cool and agreed to sending me to Maui as a birthday present. Last year, I went to NYC to visit Steph which I loved. I usually opt for the city trips over beach trips, but after living in a city for six years, I just want to go to the beach, drink some smoothies, and do a whole lot of nothing.  Maybe my pale ass will get a tan. Cheers to dreaming!1-maui-sunset



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