Those Sad Young Lads

11 May

By god! I have started reading again. After a very long dry spell (I admit this with shame), I have finally finished a book. I would like to thank United Airlines for not having individual screens to view the movie or tv. I randomly picked out the book “All the Sad Young Literary Men” by Keith Gessen in the SFO airport and I loved it. Highly recommend this book. The theme and characters reminded me of  “Frog King” but I found that this was done better. I couldn’t put it down.

“I was twenty years old. When you are twenty years old, and twenty-one, and twenty-two, and twenty-three, and twenty-four, what you want from people is that they tell you about you. When you are twenty years old, and twenty-one, and twenty-two, and twenty-three, you watch the world for the way it watches you. Do people laugh when you make a joke, do they kiss you when you lean into them at a party? Yes? Aha-so that’s who you are. But these people themselves, laughing, kissing and not-kissing, they themselves are young, and so then you begin to think, if you’re twenty or twenty-one, when you are young, that these people are not to be trusted, your contemporaries, your screwed-up friends and girlfriends-that it’s not because of you that they kissed you, but because of them, something about them, those narcissists, whereas you were asking about you, what did they think of you? Now you have no idea. This is why it’s so important to meet your heroes while you are young, so they can tell you. When I met Moris Binkel I wanted merely for him to say: Yes. I see it in you. You can do with it what you will, but you’ve got it. You can be like me, if that’s what you want.”


(While google image searching this book, I stumbled across…..there’s no escaping them)

For the plane ride back, I picked up “Middlesex” by Jeffrey Eugenides and it is blowing my mind. More to come when I finish that book, which I will finish, since I’m giving up tv and sticking to the books.

Pysche! But I will finish this book…all 500 pages.


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