Jah Love: Maui

15 May

I came back from Maui a couple days ago, and without sounding too cheesy, it was just what the doctor ordered. Megan and her boyfriend Keef having an amazing place in Haiku Hill with a crip cat, cherry living room, and choke sunlight. We went to a couple different beaches (the names of which I kept effing up), I had the best smoothie of my life, ate some dank sushi, hung out at Megan’s work a couple times which was pretty swell since she works at a pretty damn nice hotel spa. I thought I was dying in the steam room. I was convinced the eucalyptus was poison. I then almost seriously burned myself in the indoor hot tub and the spa person advised me to step out until it cooled down (it was at 107 degrees). I also got pummeled in a sand bank of very shallow water, got a splinter from the beach chair, and a really gnarly burn on day 1 at the beach. Megan couldn’t believe my luck. Me and mothernature haven’t hung out in a while so we had some awkward moments as we were getting reaquainted with one another. I can’t wait to visit Maui again. Once a year baby! Escape from the city and get those good hawaiian vibes flowing.

Hawaii 2009 001

Buddy the stoner cat

Hawaii 2009 006

Beach lunch of champions

Hawaii 2009 008


Hawaii 2009 013

20 years and going strong

Hawaii 2009 027

Hawaii 2009 029

mahalo badass

Hawaii 2009 030

Hawaii 2009 033

jah provided. this was one of the best smoothies of my life.

Hawaii 2009 044

Megan’s place of work (sure beats a cubicle)

Hawaii 2009 057

Maui Brewing Co.

Hawaii 2009 056

Hawaii 2009 062

Hawaii 2009 069

Hawaii 2009 065

This was a trip that will go down in the books.


2 Responses to “Jah Love: Maui”

  1. Vintage Barbie May 15, 2009 at 7:06 pm #

    It looks like a very good time. See you are rockin’ the cheeseburger while amongst the vegetarians.

  2. celie May 15, 2009 at 8:58 pm #

    JACKIE! I can’t freaking believe you were in hawaii! I’m here for two weeks on the big island, going back on sunday. I wish I would have had internet access and realized this!!! so so sad. looks like you had a blast, I’m sending you the shaka sign right now 🙂

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