Home Not Alone

21 Jun

My producers flew me in for the weekend to hang out with them, celebrate fathers day, and enjoy the leisurely lifestyle of going back home (i.e. home-cooked meals, access to car–although license has been expired for a couple months and I made the mistake of announcing this to them—, childhood room, tv, movies,  no guilt if you stay in on the weekend, etc.) So far my mom and I indulged in our favorite sport: shopping (we lost the game but got a couple runs), she then taught me how to make an awesome ahi tuna, cilantro, lime, avocado dish, pops took us to breakfast at the ungodly hour of 8:30am at the new resort in town this morning, hung with chris and alix (fresh off the plan from the carribean) at local bar last night and got three different Malibu Rum souvenirs (boat hat, mardi gras mask, and flip flops—gave them all to little brotha).

Tonight my mom and I are going to see Anvil! The Story of Anvil (my second time) downtown. After showing her the trailer, she really wants to see it, and since…well…you know I LOVE it and won’t shut up about it. I think they are opening for AC/DC these days. Looks like the dream is coming true.

While away, I did miss the Miike Snow show at Popscene. If you haven’t heard him, please give a listen. I am especially obsessed with “Animal” and “Burial.”




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