Facebook with Mom

5 Jul

My mom recently joined facebook. (Hi Vintage Barbie!) But all I’ve been hearing is how put off she is by facebook, so I had to see for myself what it is like to have a facebook when you are over the age of 50. When I saw that her news feed was filled with mostly “Mafia War” invites and “Walk the Coney Island Boardwalk” applications in addition to ads for teeth implants and dentures, I started to see what she was talking about. Not to mention that most of her friends’ profiles have nothing on them and some don’t even have a profile picture. I started to realize that when it comes to facebook, the generation gap is apparent as all hell.

I sat down and showed my mom the ropes/rules of facebook. I taught her that it is perfectly ok to deny and ignore application/quiz requests, but that when someone gives you a “gift,” that is not annoying but thoughtful, you should not ignore it. I also told her commenting back with a novel is not necessary and that just because someone friend requests you, you do not have to accept. We also filled out her profile which was a hilarious experience. I learned that she has really good taste in music, with the exception of Eminem (drew the line here and refused to type him under her music list) and that she has the television taste of a teenage boy (South Park, Beevis and Butthead…). After editing her profile, I helped her create her “My Life” photo album and in the process, realized there were a lot of great pics I would like to post here.

p.s. My mom and I decided that we would end our facebook relationship at the home computer and that we will not be friends on facebook so as to resepect each other’s privacy (mostly mine). You ARE cool mom!


Now I know where I get my peace sign pose from.


A real man wears pink while roaming the streets of South America.


Hanging with the penguins


My producers


Uncle Lucky and Aunt Marilyn

Thanks givingXmas'07012


Thanks givingXmas'07049

Mexico, SF, Holidays, 2008 043

Partying runs in the blood

Mexico, SF, Holidays, 2008 022

Being a ham runs in the blood

Mexico, SF, Holidays, 2008 050

Mexico, SF, Holidays, 2008 064

The cousins

Mexico, SF, Holidays, 2008 059

Xtian turns 21

Mexico, SF, Holidays, 2008 072

Mexico, SF, Holidays, 2008 077

Mom’s favorite picture

Mexico, SF, Holidays, 2008 075

My favorite visitor


One Response to “Facebook with Mom”

  1. Rita July 6, 2009 at 4:43 pm #

    Too cute Krack!

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