Two of My Favorite Things

2 Sep

Are my mom and this great city (in my opinion, one of THE GREATEST) known as San Francisco. Vintage Barb came down for one of her thrice yearly visits and I can say with confidence that it was one of our best yet (definitely the most active). It was nice waking up and have a full morning for a change (and a full afternoon and evening). This time around, I wasn’t sick as F and leaving VB to wander the Pans Labyrynth at Grace Cathedral on her own. This trip was a few weeks ago so bear with my granny memory here. Here’s what I recall:  Chapeau! on Clement (best dessert of my life=french toast with hazelnut ice cream and carmel. holy.shit), went back to hotel which I had been embarrassingly calling The Top of the Mark (the bar of the Mark Hopkins hotel…whoops) everytime someone asked where we were staying, we then proceed to watch a VH1 program on Woodstock. I secretly wish I was around back then while watching, but then think to myself ‘who am I kidding?’ I’m a nervous soul and not one that gets along with mother nature all that well.

Following day we go to Sample sale at Fort Mason (got a killer yellow scarf and what my mom deemed “the sexiest top I own” 😉 haha…showing a little collar bone), sushi in the Marina, King Tut exhibit where we feel like sardines and cattle but still get to see some cool stuff, dinner at Bella which was surprisingly good (not to mention we hit up Bev Mo on the way to get our favorite wine). Our last day together we went to the Outer Mission to Las Jarritos for some amazing authentic Mexican and what is considered “the best huevos rancheros in the city,” took 2 hour walking tour of The Mission and then had some Bi-Rite ice cream and sat in Dolores Park briefly, try to take bus to Noe Valley and we wind up in the opposite part of town courtesty of yours truly’s sense of direction (or lack thereof), go hang out there but there is not much to do, go back to my place, chill, and then have dinner at Blue Jay Cafe where they surprisingly have good service for once. Go back to hotel, get my stuff, bid my mom farewell. Again, it was one of my favorite weekends with her to date. Say cheese!

Summer 2009-Moms Visit 007

Green Apple (of course VB heads for books about wine and food)

Summer 2009-Moms Visit 009

Mom in front of hotel “Top of the Mark”

Summer 2009-Moms Visit 021

Caught red-handed!

Summer 2009-Moms Visit 024

Miehls gals athe De Young

Summer 2009-Moms Visit 035

Summer 2009-Moms Visit 039

Las Jarritos=danky!

Summer 2009-Moms Visit 043

Dolores Park

Summer 2009-Moms Visit 068

Summer 2009-Moms Visit 080

Summer 2009-Moms Visit 083

The End (for now)


One Response to “Two of My Favorite Things”

  1. Vintage Barbie September 3, 2009 at 4:22 am #

    And the weather was perfect!!

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