Pimp My Bed

4 Oct

“The Male Sleep Lair”

I was fascinated by this article (ok maybe just the picture) in the WSJ. After years of catering to women, the men are getting their moment and it includes everything from cave-like structure, flat-screen TV embedded in the frame, and a champagne cooler just in case. I get a kick especially out of Hollandia International’s “Sphere” bed. I wish they made a women’s version. It might include a magazine rack, laptop that pops out of the side table, built-in flower bed, sun-roof, window that reveals a closet that rotates all the clothing (think dry cleaners) so you can make your outfit choice lying down. Lazy trendy asses unite!


The Sphere Bed

“Lately unveiled in Moscow for Hollandia International, this tailored bed not only features the elite Hollandia stylish sleep system amenities of luxury comfort and soothing massage but also includes a 32” Colored TV with a discretionary 5.1 surround sound theater system, covered LED Florescent canopy-top lights, outside back vanity mirror plus a champagne holder. Karim assures that the color and fabric can be tailored as per the needs of your interiors. So, jump onto it to enjoy your favorite soap with a glass of wine in the company of your beloved.”

One Response to “Pimp My Bed”

  1. alisonishappy October 4, 2009 at 10:54 pm #

    i want cher’s rotating closet from clueless!

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