My Parent Were Awesome

18 Nov

And I still think they are. Hi Mom! (my faithful reader who thinks I am going through a crisis if I don’t update regularly). I think this blog is awesome! I showed it to my mom and read her response below. P.S. Thanks Celie for posting this on your blog!

“Saw the blog, my parents are awesome.The seventies had to be some high water mark for bad taste.  The long hair sideburns and mustaches for men–and the plaid pants and horn rimmed glasses–Ouch!!  I like the look of the 60’s and late 50”s.  It seems so classic–classic in that that was the way people looked in the 19th century.  Unfortunately your dad and I starting seeing eacvh other at the end of the 70’s.  Once we were married(1983) I threw out all of his plaid double knit  pants and polyester sport coats.  I also got rid of his white patent leather loafers and matching belt–just in case they ever came back–which was why your dad was holding on to them.”

You were and you still are awesome mom!


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