18 Nov

Hello rat readers! Apologies for not updating as frequently. That is going to change right here and right now. Life is whizzing by like cars on the 405 freeway.  Sometimes I wish it were more like the 405 at 5pm during rush hour. Not much new to report from this rat cage. I moved seating areas at work. Thrilling! I’m not sitting as close to my homies but it’s pretty good lighting over here so I can’t complain. I am excited to go home for Thanksgiving and see the OGs and family. Shop with mom. Movie with dad. Give my brother shit. Tonight I’m getting sushi which is one of my favorite foods on earth. I usually get too full or over-order so we’ll see how tonight goes. I’m also now obsessed with “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” (thanks Chris) which I never thought would happen. I truly hope Khloe and Lamar work out. This might make some of you doubt my taste in the future, but I gotta stand by this show. The main reason I like it is ol Bruce Jenner: “SCREW YOU KHLOE!” I also watched “I Love You Man” with my cousin when she was in town and I LOVED it. Normally not my bag, but I thought it was great.


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