27 Dec

I forgot how good Sufjan Stevens was until (and this is embarrassing) I happened to be watching an episode of The O.C. at home in the comfort and privacy of my childhood room. Why was I watching The O.C.? Maybe it was because I had just seen Celeste Johnson the previous night and she’s a super fan. Anyways, the song is below along with the clip from The O.C. where I rediscovered this gem. Also, I didn’t realize that half the cast of The Twilight series used to have minor parts on The O.C. (lets see how many times I can say The O.C. in this here blog post).

I hope all of you (all two) readers had a wonderful christmas. Mine was good. Lots of food and lots of new sleepwear! I think these sweater pajama pants from Target is proof that there is heaven on earth. On today’s agenda: Seeing two movies (The Blindside and Up in the Air) with pops with a lunch break in between. I am also on a mission to see Up! while at home.


One Response to “Sufjan”

  1. alisonishappy December 31, 2009 at 6:42 am #

    try three dork face.

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