Thanks Bryan!

15 Jan

Highlight of my week so far involved getting thse shoes. Christian Siriano (“fierce” designer from Project Runway) came up with a line for Payless. My stylish roomie Amy Z. brought home two pairs for $30. I couldn’t believe the quality and how cute they were. The next day I run to Payless during lunch with Jenny K. and they did not have this gem of a shoe in my size. Jenny, being the good friend she is, offered to go to the Payless in San Mateo. I called. They had it. Problem was Jenny K had her workout class and couldn’t pick them up. But to the rescue, came an angel in the form of her husband Bryan! Too far Jenny? 😉

Bryan O. picked them up for me, making me a VERY happy camper. These puppies cost $18 and people are trying ot sell them on Ebay for $60. Nuts! Thanks again Bryan and Jenny! You two are true blue.


One Response to “Thanks Bryan!”

  1. Steph January 16, 2010 at 3:42 am #

    you know what. I saw these at a preview awhile ago and these reminded me of you..i have the strappy black patent criss crosses demi-triangle wedges. j’adorable. I got them with oprah’s 50% off payless coupon!

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