4 Feb

Since I can’t seem to write many personal things on this blog (or write much at all), I am going to use this blogger’s words instead:

“Change is strange. It always amazes me just how quickly you can reassess things in your life. You spend months pining over someone, and then poof! It’s gone, you have nothing to say to them, nor they to you and you struggle to remember just what it was that charmed you in the first place – wine, most probably. You spend years working towards a certain end point in your career, and over a summer, you come to realise that really, that’s not where your heart lies at all – the work that used to make your heart sing leaves you bored and disillusioned. Friendships change and evolve into something new, and hopefully better. You move house, jobs, countries. Does anything stay the same? I like what Stanley Kubrick has to say about it all. Life. Navel gazing. Fucking hell.”

Whoa Nelly!


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