Farewell Emo

9 Feb

I will be actively trying to avoid you for the time being. It aint healthy for this 24 year old brain of mine and some of the EMO-ness is getting out of control on the ol’ internet. I’m not trying to be a hater here but C’MON SON. As Ocho would say, “kudos to them,” but I’m reaching my boiling point with some of the emo bullshit overflowing on the world wide web.

I probably read about 20-30 blogs a day. And by “read,” I mean read the captions and a maximum of two paragraphs. I tend to just look at a bunch of images. I know I should be reading CNN or NY Times but I can’t bring myself to doing that these days.  Today though I have been drawing the line and unsubscribing to some of the blogs I read because of the following shit they post. Here are some examples of when emo crosses the line:

“People are not perfect (except when they smile)” Unless he or she is a crazy crackhead

“When the day has sufficiently pissed you off the only thing to do is try and  sleep, and dream of the stars.” Or hang out with good friends or read a good book or watch a movie or take a walk or do something about it or…

“Owl always love you.”  Dear God.

“Sometimes I still believe I can fly, like I believed when I was younger. SO MUCH YOUNGER.” Jesus Christ.

“All I want right now is to hold you.” Then step away from the computer.

“Life is sweet music. Listen.” Again, Dear God.

Alright that is all folks. Just had to hate for a second. L8.


One Response to “Farewell Emo”

  1. Rita February 9, 2010 at 5:29 pm #

    Hahahahah, love it!!! Those blogs sound/look ridiculous 😛

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