Six Word Memoir

12 Feb

Rachelle posted this NPR article/challenge from NPR asking people if they could describe their life story in six words. The inspiration for this came from Ernest Hemingway who was once asked to write a full story in six words. According to legend, he wrote  “For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.” (damn)

Here are my favorites of the responses they got from writers (famous and non-famous):

“I picked passion. Now I’m poor.” – Kathleen E. Whitlock

“Yale at 16, downhill from there.” -Anita Kawatra

“Overworked and underpaid, Oversexed and underlaid.” -Victoria Hansen

I was trying to think of what mine would be and then I happened to see my dear pal Christa’s G-Chat status which was a quote I apparently said a while back and there we had it. I swear I was a middle child in a past life.

“See me. Hear me. Love me.” -Jackie (Blank)


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