16 Feb

I know its not even 3pm PST yet, but this bed looks mighty good right now. The bike of course is strictly for decoration or if there was a flat, strand-like area with no cars or pedestrians that would then allow me to bike straight to a hip and happening bar or cafe that wasn’t too crowded.

There would the be a remote control that would drop down a huge flat screen TV (no wires would show) and all my favorite shows would have be DVR’d (intervention, teen mom, true life, MADE, Kell on Earth…) and then I could use the same remote control to order my favorite meal off the tv and then it would just come out of the wall and onto my side table. A milk shake maker would spring up from the floor and make me a chocolate banana milkshake to finish off my mid-afternoon meal. There would be a stack of my favorite magazines by the bed. And my favorite band would stop by to play some new songs for me but it wouldn’t be awkward because we would be friends and they would be trying to impress me (vs. the other way around). Lastly, my favorite actor and actress would come by to screen their latest film. Again, it wouldn’t be awkward because we would have been old pals.

A little escapism for this February Tuesday/Monday.


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