“You’re so lucky, I wish I had class with him…”

25 Feb

As I was on the 24 bus this late afternoon, I saw a pack of what looked like 7th or 8th graders (maybe freshmen) get on the bus. There were so many of them that I was thinking ‘f’ing hell’ to myself.’ But then I heard this girl’s conversation below. It made it all worthwhile.

Girl: “So like he’s been acting hella weird lately. I think he’s scared to talk to me now. It was just like me and him in the hallway and I could tell he wanted to talk to me but he didn’t and you know me, I don’t know what to do with him but it looked like he wanted to talk to me”

Girl’s Friend (GF): “Really?”

Girl: “Yeah and I like stopped drawing hearts on his paperwork and stuff and stopped cold turkey so I think it’s messing with him…I think it’s working because now he’s acting hella weird and like he wants to talk to me”

GF: “Yeah I have class with him, he’s hella smart…he says some deep stuff.”

Girl: “You’re so lucky you have class with him. I would hella creep on him and just stare at him all day. (Looks up daydreamingly)

Oh youth! The hormones are always raging.


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