3 Mar

I was looking at The Selby today and I found the picture below. If you look to the right, there’s a little dog. This dog is called a Schipperke (skip-errr-key). I have only owned two dogs in my life. They have both been schipperkes. My aunt in Oklahoma breeds them. The first one was named Jerry Lee. After haivng him for only a month or so, he died while we were at a wedding in Carmel. I forgot to show the dogsitter the choke collar and he slipped his leash and was hit by a car. He was my aunt’s retired prize show dog. Then we got CJ and well….CJ was very special. I would have to carry him when we went on walks and look for him in the bush at night before he went to bed in his crate because he would like to hide in this bush. He also couldn’t stand straight and would topple over. He had a lot of issues but he was a damn cute dog. RIP Jerry Lee and CJ. You were great!

Skipperke puppy


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