Me Ma Sonoma!

22 Mar

This past weekend my producer and I went to Sonoma for a gals weekend. A few months ago, I went to my friend Monica’s work event. I was promised an open bar and some food. I left the raffle winner of a very generous amount to the Fairmont Sonoma. I chose my mom as my date for this weekend getaway. Being the veteran wine country gal that she is, she chose the weekend of the Savor Sonoma event, an event she had done many times in the past with her group of gals. Highlights of the weekend included beautiful vineyards, very dank meals, countryside, massages (I had to be cooled off during mine due to the fact that I was overheating from drinking earlier in the day….lesson learned), realizing I do have direction, 4 hours of watching Cake Boss, room service, and just getting to hang out with my mom. It was a perfect weekend that will go down in the books as one of our best yet. I love you mom. I know I have some competition with dad on this one, but I’m your #1 fan.

Mom in front of Estate restaurant

Getting the party started!

A happy camper


Crazy Eyes Mgeeee


Sunflower Cafe… good.

Holy Macrole

Holy Macrole 2

Covering Led Zeppelin


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