Hey Everyone Tomorrow’s My Birthday!

9 Apr

It’s true. Tomorrow, April 10th, is my birthday….it’s Mandy Moore’s birthday too…and the kid from Sixth Sense too. As you can tell, I am not shy about my birthday or telling people it’s my birthday. Party party! I’m turning 25 which seems like a good, solid number. I’m not freaking out about it too much. I realize I am still pretty young relatively speaking. According to my friend Adam, the panic does not set in until six months after you turn 25. We’ll see if he’s right.

Life is good. I am not scared of 25 and I tend to be scared of A LOT of things (choking, crashing my car, food poisoning, getting mugged, heidi montag, not being able to speak, michael jackson…..the list goes on). I am looking forward to a great weekend with friends and feeling all of the birthday love. I’m one lucky gal.

Note: I do not know the child in this picture. I google image searched “birthday girl” and this was my favorite one. What a doll! I do realize this is borderline creepy.


One Response to “Hey Everyone Tomorrow’s My Birthday!”

  1. Vintage Barbie April 10, 2010 at 2:51 am #

    I have a major landmark celebration too. April 10(7:30 pm) marks my quarter century in “the mommy business”, something I never seriously considered as a career path. Little did I know that even if something isn’t a career, it can become a passion. So, at your quarter century mark in “the life business”, I passionately wish you wonder and adventure and a soft landing when the weather gets rough–better yet, no rough weather, just smooth sailing and good times….Happy birthday, baby!

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