‘I speak as a lifetime failure’

10 Jun

A week ago I went to what might have been the best shows of my life. LCD Soundsystem at The Fillmore. It’s in my top 3 at the very least. They put on one hell of a show. I know this because I don’t remember the last time I left a show drenched in sweat. I mean I am not an asshole that barely nods my head at a show, but I’m also not one of those people that goes crazy during a show, even if I like them. Well…I went crazy and I wasn’t even drunk. This is also how I measure whether it was a good show or not. I danced like hell and I was not drunk. Jenna moshed the night away and I semi-moshed, hopped the night away. “What’s your friend on?” asked one small tool next to us. “Nothing” I responded. It’s not even that Murphy himself is that likeable on stage. “Usually at this point in the show, I would have a towel to wipe the sweat off,” said Murphy after the opening song. Of course someone rushed on stage right after he said that to hand him a precious towel. “No offense people, but when you are taking videos on your cell phones of this show, I don’t feel like you are fully engaged” (another Murphy quote from the night).

Either way, their music is primal and it gets me going and I do declare they are my favorite band right now. LCD Soundsystem and Beirut. There ya have it. I’ve had the fortune of seeing both bands in the past year. I just heard that LCD will be playing New Years here in SF. Woohoo!

Here’s an interview from Mr. Murphy in 1994. Who knew that he turned down a job as the first staff writer for an unknown show called Seinfeld? Who knew he worked with Britney Spears? Who knew?!?!

Picture I took from the front of the trenches.

“Murphy’s background gives no indication that he might one day become an arbiter of cool. He grew up in a nothing-to-do farming community in New Jersey, and spent his adolescence “breaking into half-built houses, kicking the windows out and getting wasted”. His friend’s dad was the local dentist so, one day, they stole his nitrous oxide tank. “It was like trucker speed,” he says.”


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