Johnny Weir Forever

13 Jul

I haven’t been able to watch “Intervention” lately. It’s too depressing for me these days.  So when I found myself on a Monday night struggling for something to watch on TV, I turned to Comcast OnDemand. Comcast is the devil but OnDemand is my friend. Anyways, I happened to go to the Sundance Channel and found the series “Be Good Johnny Weir” about figure skating’s most outspoken gem Johnny Weir. I remember seeing photos of him at this past Olympics with his crown of roses and seeing footage of him doing a routine to Gaga’s “Poker Face.”

I am obsessed with him now. He taught himself Russian and is obsessed with the culture, even wearing a Russian jacket at the 2006 Olympics which pissed off many US figure skating officials. He loves vacuuming and making lines in his carpet. He gets lonely but is a good self-entertainer (shadow puppets).  The Japanese love him. He has a Russian alter-ego character on the show. He was born on July 2, 1984. He is very close with his mom Patti. He’s best friends with a guy named Paris (think gawky red-headed male Paris Hilton) who is annoying but they’ve been friends since they were 12: “We’re like an old married couple but without the sex.”  He and Evan Lynsechuck (or whatever) are huge rivals and talk shit about each other all the time.  He got death threats from PETA after wearing fur at the Olympics. So yeah…..I suffered a case of depression last night as I finished the final episode which covered his glorious 2010 Olympics performance which ended up being sabotaged by biased judges (i.e. they are not a fan of the gay boy skater) and ignorant commentators. I love under-dogs. I love free spirits (super hippies excluded). I LOVE JOHNNY WEIR. While he hasn’t officially come out yet, it’s pretty clear he might never look at me as anything more than a shopping buddy. This has not stopped me from developing a crush on JW especially when he wears his baseball hat. In short, you should really watch this 10-part series. He announced his semi-retirement last week,  but after watching the show, I doubt he will be able to stay away from the ice for too long. Either way, I hope that I get to see JW one day. Until then, I will watch repeats on OnDemand and YouTube.

“I’m not going to sugarcoat anything or change the way I speak about others or certain things in the world just because I’m a figure skater and I have to appeal to these people. That’s not why I figure skate. If I appeal to myself and my mother, I’m happy with that. I don’t ‘front,’ as they say.”


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