Name Game

14 Jul

Bobby P. sent me a list of the top boy names for 2010: List. WTF kind of name is “Satchel”? Do you want your kid to hate you and get bullied for the entirety of his life?

My Favorites (no particular order except for the first two…wonder why?):

  1. Jack
  2. Jackson
  3. Henry
  4. Satchel (not)
  5. Miles
  6. Elliott
  7. Luke
  8. Isaac
  9. Beckett
  10. Charlie
  11. Dylan
  12. Cole
  13. Orion
  14. Graham
  15. Sam


One Response to “Name Game”

  1. little twerp! July 15, 2010 at 5:27 am #

    i always planned on naming my son james, and then i met james and that kinda ruined that plan.

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