14 Jul

Thanks to Rachelle for knowing me well and knowing my love for old people and their wisdom. Here are the pioneers themselves, Barbara and Harry, who go by the “OGs” (original grandparents that is). Like me, Barbara is a big Betty Boop fan.

About the OGs according to their website: Barbara and Harry are a nice Jewish couple, married for 73 years, who’ve moved back to the old neighborhood, to L.A.’s first retirement community, Hollenbeck Palms. Of course, Boyle Heights has changed a bit since Barbara dubbed it “a Jewish Tijuana,” circa 1930! Barbara is a social butterfly and problem solver, Harry is a self-taught Zen master with a yen for science and exploration. We’ve enjoyed the wit, wisdom and weirdness of our grandparents for our whole lives, and think it’s high time the rest of the world got a chance. The OGs blog promises all Barbara and Harry, all the time. Tune in for a daily dose. (OGs stands for Original Grandparents.)

“If he wants a permanent relationship and to continue to be married, he needs to have his roots. Somebody’s gotta bring home the bacon. If you wanna stay married, assume responsibility. If you don’t want to stay married, go home to your mother”

“I love the idea that she wears high heels all the time. I used to do that too.”


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