Reality Televison Hell

14 Jul

While I am a sucker for reality television esp. the reality television produced by BRAVO, MTV, and VH1, I would never want to be on a reality televsion show. EVER.  The men below are three good reasons I would never want to do a reality televsion show.

Parasite Perez Hilton and Spencer Pratt. Fame can either make you lose 70 lbs (Perez) or go off the deep end (Spencer).  “As for that ridiculous outfit, that was our idea! We told Spencer his chances of trying to actually get on the red carpet or into the space where the live filming was happening would be a lot greater if he went in deep disguise. Underneath all that, though, it was apparent to us that he’s in a lot of pain and seriously psychologically disturbed. We sincerely hope he gets well!” – Parasite Hilton’s thoughts on the biggest casualty of MTV’s The Hills.

And lets not forget The Bachlorette’s biggest shit, Frank Neuschaefer, who quite possibly could have wasted two months (14 hours) of my life.


One Response to “Reality Televison Hell”

  1. hellopel July 14, 2010 at 8:14 pm #

    frank the skank!!!!

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