16 Jul

I’m seeing this tonight at 8. My boys Joe and Leo are in it and it’s directed by Chris Nolan and it looks badass brah! I can’t wait. Pray for me that I get an aisle seat. I’m a weirdo claustrophobe when it comes to movie theaters.


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  1. Vintage Barbie July 17, 2010 at 12:34 am #

    Dad and I saw it today. It is a long film and could have benefited by some trimming (about 40 minutes worth at least), especially at the end. Some of the dialogue was painful to listen to. Can’t imagine how the actors felt or what they thought speaking those lines. However, everyone from EW to the Times are worshipful of it. In my opinion,Vanilla Sky, Femme Fatale and Mulholland Drive did more interesting things with the theories of relativity and string.

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