23 Jul

Are awesome. I think they could be one of my favorite things to do (or think about doing) especially in a city like San Francisco where the beautiful parks are aplenty! I hope that I will perfect the art of picnicking one day. Thanks to this article and pretty pictures on DesignSponge, I am determined to do just that.  It’s the little things in life folks….the little things!


2 Responses to “Picnics”

  1. Vintage Barbie July 23, 2010 at 8:01 pm #

    These are the kind of little things that are forgotten as soon as purchased and that, little by little, can add up to quite an investment or debt, depending on whether you pay cash or charge them. The 2 gallon glass lemonade dispenser is in the garage and hasn’t seen the light of day since a twentieth century 4th of July celebration. The rest of it is divided between the storage closet in the computer room and the linen closet. Save your money. Someday it will all be yours!!

  2. Rita July 26, 2010 at 10:08 pm #

    I have a sweet Williams Sonoma picnic basket (pretty much a wicker suitcase!) that my friend got me from a sample sale… It was originally like $700.00 but she got it for me for $5! Such a deal, yet I haven’t been able to use it yet… Picnic season is coming though so we’ll have to have an awesome picnic together 🙂

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