“Overdose to the Soul?”

4 Aug

I follow a lot of fashion blogs ever since I discovered Google Reader. I like fashion and I appreciate good style, but I am by no means a fashion junkie (live it , breathe it, starve for it) or the kind of gal that says things like “a great pair of heels will make me feel like I’m flying on a puffy cloud” or some bullshit like that (think Rachel Zoe’s “I DIE”).  Some of these bloggers  subscribe to the unspoken rule of fashion: you got lots of money, then you have fashion or you’re fashionable. “Hey check out this $500 Prada tee-shirt I scored for only $150” or “look at this overpriced outfit I got on Modcloth”  I like fashion blogs where the author doesn’t mind throwing in the word “thrift” or listing stores like H&M, Zara, or Target  as some of their outfit’s origins. I discovered the following blog today and I instantly gravitated to her clean, classic style and her accessibility. It doesn’t hurt that she’s a fan of the neutrals either. She doesn’t talk about her home-made garden or list off wines she’s tasting and the fabulousity of the new $5000 bag she bought. Oh shit, I spoke too soon. Ok, so  maybe she does say some statements that I was just griping about: “But San Telmo markets in Buenos Aires is absolute overdose to the soul if you love  anything with history, antiques, tango in the street and steak….”  Oh well, I guess that comes with the territory. I’m still a fan of her style.


One Response to ““Overdose to the Soul?””

  1. Vintage Barbie August 4, 2010 at 9:50 pm #

    I like her style. That’s a small closet she’s standing in front of. I wonder where she keeps the rest of her clothes.

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