#1 Fall

13 Sep

Fall is my favorite time of year, especially San Francisco in the fall (it’s when our summer begins). I love fall wardrobe. I love fall colors. I love horses and the movie “Babe” and for some reason horses and all animals remind me of fall. I love Fillmore street in the fall. I have this memory of being a Sophomore or Freshmen in college and going to Fillmore street with my gal CK1 (she’s now in Beijing) and it was fall and the trees and the stores and the crisp air…it was a perfect day. It’s one that I try to recreate time and time again to no avail. And that day  will go down in the books as a perfect day and Fillmore street will always remind me of the fall and being brand new to San Francisco. I’ve also warmed up to Halloween. I used to dread it.  Not the case anymore. In conclusion, fall is my favorite season of all time. Fall skies and the smell of firewood on my walk home makes the shitty bus ride worth it everytime.

What Fall has in store for me so far….

1). My first friend getting married this Saturday and my first time as a bridesmaid.
2). Horseback riding with Cavey at Isabella Farms. It’s been years in the making.
3). Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens, Florence and The Machine concerts
4). Wine country
5). Morimoto
6). Treasure Island Music Fest


One Response to “#1 Fall”

  1. galsinlondon September 16, 2010 at 12:52 pm #

    those pumpkins bring back fond memories of being asked by a marina mom to take a paper towel and clean each one because they didn’t have that shine she was expecting…

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