Day 1

24 Sep

Ten Things About Yourself…

  1. Victoria was my mom’s second choice of a name for me. I’m glad she went with Jacqueline instead.
  2. I was obsessed with horses for the first half of my life. I still hope to own one some day.
  3. I almost died of pneumonia at age 2 (that explains my worrisome nature)
  4. I am addicted to reality television,  magazines, internet and diet coke
  5. I count the letters in the names of couples to see if they have the same amount (ex. Whitney and Anthony)
  6. San Francisco and Madrid are my favorite cities.
  7. I love illustrations and collecting toys from Japantown
  8. Mix CDs and snail mail is a lost art. I REALLY appreciate those who still do it.
  9. I like rainy days more than most…esp. when it means watching movies in bed all day.
  10. I sometimes envy elementary school teachers because they probably hear the funniest shit on a daily basis. Case in point….

One Response to “Day 1”

  1. cheetvschina September 25, 2010 at 6:14 am #

    Christa and Matthew…both have seven! Guess your theory is correct

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