Day 2

25 Sep

Nine things you want to say to nine people….

  1. Hey asshole! The bus is not a conference room for your phone calls. You are a straight-up fool.
  2. You’re the best ma and pa I could have asked for.
  3. Lindsey, you’re a total idiot. Write me a letter from the clinker eh?
  4. Hey person who lives above me (aka “Ellly” short for elephant), what THE FUCK are you doing up there at all hours (like last night at 2am)? Weight-lifting? Adderall-induced redecorating on the daily? Walking with cement in your socks? One more time and we’re coming for you!
  5. I’m really lucky to know you and have you in my life.
  6. Buy the new Eminem CD. No, I am not joking.
  7. You’re hot. What yo name is?
  8. Ryan (as in Gosling), will you marry me? Rachel was a basket case. I am far more stable.
  9. Thanks for always being there. You are true blue.


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