Day 11

8 Oct

A photo that makes you happy…

This picture was taken during spring break during my senior year of college. Most think Cabo, Miami, perhaps Bahamas for Spring Break (at least that’s what MTV has emblazoned our young minds), but for some reason we picked Seattle for our destination. My dad used his travel agent who decided to book our hotel in the financial district.  Said travel agent is in her 60s and does not use a computer. The only thing that was open at night near our hotel was a Subway. We spent our spring break nights heading to the mall in Seattle where we would watch movies, because we didn’t know where the hell the crackalack’n places were in Seatown. Party animals! By the grace of Christina Hobbs and her car, we were taken to the Experience Music Project where we performed a serious karaoke of “I Love Rock’n Roll” by Joan Jett. It was the longest 4 minutes of my life. We sucked but it was hilarious. This picture captured us in all our glory. Christa got her inner Kurt Cobain on. Who knew the weasel had it in her?


One Response to “Day 11”

  1. CK1 October 9, 2010 at 3:38 am #

    hahaha this picture made me happy too! oh I miss you!!!

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