Day 17

18 Oct

Your best friend…

I am very lucky to have more than one best friend. I am so grateful to have the friends that I do and hopefully all my friends (best or not) know how much I appreciate and love them. Say cheese!

So since that response might not be as juicy  as the topic intended it to be, I’m going to jack Dre’s idea and list my favorite TV show of all time…

Six Feet Under is the best television show there ever was. Alan Ball is a genius. While True Blood is good, I don’t think it can hold a candle to Six Feet. I miss the Fishers and I think the series finale was the best ending to any show I have seen. I got to interview Peter Krause (Nate) once for a movie he came out with after Six Feet had ended and I almost gave the interview to someone else because I was so afraid he would be an asshole and taint my whole experience of the show. He was nice (thank god) and I found out he lives in Northern California (whattup!).

I realize Six Feet’s premise is morbid and its themes (death, fucked up relationships and more death) were heavy but it was so engrossing and consuming (in the best possible way). I haven’t been that effected by a television series or its characters. Whenever I drive into Los Angeles, I think about the Fisher home and I wonder what street it’s on. They definitely left a mark.


One Response to “Day 17”

  1. celie October 18, 2010 at 11:10 pm #

    I completely agree, nothing really compares. and I’m I can’t believe you met Nate, lucky!

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