Angels…. From Hell?

10 Dec

A couple nights ago I found myself eating a Trader Joes salad, drinking a glass of wine and watching the annual Victoria Secret Angels show on TV. ‘Is this weird that I am watching this?’ ‘I wonder how many of these girls are anorexic and/or on drugs?’ ‘Wow those wings are really big’ ‘I hope someone trips’ ‘Damn there are a lot of blondes and why do they only have one Asian girl?’ ‘Katy Perry must have a little bit of an inferiority complex right now’ ‘Akon definitely has a visible boner’ ….some of the thoughts going through my head during the 40 minutes of watching.

I watched my first VS Angel fashion show when I was much younger….when Heidi Klum was just emerging on the scene. Watching the show as a pre-teen girl should definitely be outlawed. Now that I am older and wiser, I realize these gals are called “Super” models for a reason. They are freaks of nature. Their beauty is insane. I’m not mad at them for how they look. I no longer think ‘Wow those girls probably lead a very easy and blessed life. What did they do in a past life to get that body’ (ok well maybe I still think that just a little bit). Instead of feeling super inadequate and insecure like past years of watching the broadcast, I see it for what it is. Boobs, ass, legs. The crazy ass wings, the costumes, the loads of sparkle, the celebrities watching from the sidelines and the beautiful freaks of nature themselves…it was a spectacle to be seen! And I’m kind of glad I happened to channel surf into that glittery spectacle. New favorite models= Chanel Iman (Steph, I know you called this a while ago) and Lily Aldridge.

And for the 1 or 2 dudes that read this, 99% of women do not look like VS models. As Brian Wilson would say, “FACT.”

(the 1 Asian VS model)


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