Ho Ho Ho

18 Dec

This year Santa might be sending  funds to help me with my Japan trip. So since I know there will not be physical present this year (aside from durable socks that I requested), I thought it would still be fun to make a little wish-list.

Vest from Gap

Janie Bryant, Clothing Designer for Mad Men, her style book

Kate Spade Black and Gold Pave Earrings.

Electric water kettle. My roomie has one and it’s awesome.

My toy pig and Brickbear collection from Japantown have been put on hold and replaced with these Japanese stuffed toy monkeys known as Monchhichis. I stumbled upon one at grocery store and had to have it. Now I have two. One I can’t find online and then Dim Sum Boy. I think I want to add this pink bunny one to the collection.

The Droid. My days with my Blackberry Tour are hopefully numbered. I want the Mad Men theme song as my ring tone.

One more year hopefully! French bulldog time. Until then, I will be a creepy friend and keep on buying my friend Allie’s dog things like this personalized coat from LL Bean. I LOVE this dog….

Sarah Chloe signet ring

More Vivienne Strauss prints


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