“I’m 25 … and I’ve wasted my life!”

29 Jan

Thanks to Alison aka Holland 1945 for sending me the following article. I especially liked the last bit.

“You think your feelings will never change but that’s just because you’re 25. It’s OK to write stupid letters and it’s OK not to be able to shake your feelings. And I’m glad we get to have this little chat, this back-and-forth, because out of it may not come satisfaction or peace of mind, but out of it will come the ability to just look at the situation and say, Yeah, this is the situation, OK. What’s next?

That’s what you say at 25. You don’t say, Oh, poor me, my life has passed me by and I’ve missed out on everything and for some reason I don’t feel satisfied. No. Don’t even say that. Not at 25. At 25, this is all you say. You say:

OK, what’s next?


Remember: The only question you have to answer is:

OK, what’s next?

And don’t listen to your mother about anything.”


2 Responses to ““I’m 25 … and I’ve wasted my life!””

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  2. Vintage Barbie January 30, 2011 at 8:39 am #


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