100 Best Jazz Songs

8 Feb

Thank you NPR for this. I have been listening to it for the past three hours and I’m feeling like a cool cat in a swanky club (even though a smoke detector has been going off in the vacant apartment above me for the past two hours—update: smoke detector was still going off at 9am when I left for work today). I wish I could have been a part of this music scene instead of my generation’s which consists of Black Eyes Peas and Christina Aguilera. I guess we got technology and they got incredible music.

One Response to “100 Best Jazz Songs”

  1. Vintage Barbie February 9, 2011 at 6:31 pm #

    Last night KCET did a special on Dave Brubeck. Check him out. He belongs on your list of timeless artists. BTW do you have any more reviews coming up in Performer Magazine?

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