Cha Cha Changes

24 Feb

This girl is good. I still feel creepy at times reading people’s personal blogs, especially when they live in the same city as me and might know some of the same people, but despite me feeling like a voyeuristic creep….I read on…..because of stuff like this:

“But change can be short-term loneliness for long-term-less-loneliness.  Like moving to San Francisco 2.78 years ago.  One change I would not change.  When I arrived I was newly single and still smarting, coming off a summer of working in a fish bus and laying on the grass in Laurel Park staring at the too blue sky until things weren’t so much real as realistic.  I had a horrible haircut.  I had only realized like 5 minutes before that writing was the only thing I had ever really liked.  I was coming from a house that had probably the most beautiful view I will ever rent – the ferries puttering up to Alaska and everyday blown up by a ragged orange sunset over the bay.

So what does any of this mean for you and me?  That life is a succession of breakups and relocations, until you stop breaking up and stop moving?  Or that at some point you settle into the lonely so that no one can give it to you or take it away, and then no matter where you go there you are finally, always, irrevocably, fantastically, alone.”

I feel you Ramona! I feel you! I will be original for once and post (in the very near future) my own feelings about change and the ending of eras….which has been especially on my mind given the last month and upcoming two weeks.

Also, if you want a REALLY good daily horoscope to be delivered to your electronic mailbox, I highly recommend DailyOM. They are so spot-on that it freaks me out. No, I’m not crazy. DailyOm is just crazy good.


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  1. pic February 24, 2011 at 10:18 pm #

    you know i love this… xoxo

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