Rhythm Kale Chips

24 Feb

A new Whole Foods opened up on Haight street last Monday and I had to check it out, especially wanted to see how they were going to keep all of the street punk a-hole kids from messing with the store and its customers. Here’s what I found out: two really big dudes who have the “don’t even fucking think about it” look on their faces. They also have plastic cases for toiletries but nowhere near the extent of the Walgreens by my work. I only spotted one girl who looked like she was one of the infamous street punks that taunt us folks just trying to get our SF on and stroll Haight. She was kindly asked to move further away from the door by an employee.

I was very impressed by this new Whole Foods location and I might even consider lessening my loyalty to Trader Joes. Who am I kidding? I go to Trader Joes maybe once a month at best. Whole Foods does offer a nice break from some of the TJs snacks that we can get too used to.  I love you cilantro yogurt dip….but we gotta take a break or else I’m going to get sick of you. And so I introduce to you my new favorite healthy (and vegan….whoa) snack: Rhythm Kale Chips!

I think the Nacho one is my favorite but I have yet to try the curry one. I do realize that these kale chips look like colorful weed. The only drawback to this savory and delicious snack is that it does get stuck in the teeth. Other than that, damn good!


2 Responses to “Rhythm Kale Chips”

  1. Vintage Barbie February 24, 2011 at 4:40 am #

    Got to give these a try. Sodium content?

  2. maeby February 24, 2011 at 4:50 pm #

    you should make your own & save the dough. sprinkle some olive oil on fresh kale and bake it at 350 til you think they look right. done and done.

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