Top 3 at the Oscars

1 Mar

I am a huge fan of award shows and I was very excited for last night’s Oscars. The show ended up being underwhelming (James Franco looked bored/high/smug/fug) but I did enjoy some of the fashions. Here are my favorites. Also, I really hope and pray that Melissa Leo from “The Fighter” never acts in a movie again because I cannot handle her barf-worthy speeches. Who the hell steals Kirk Douglas’s cane and then hobbles off the stage bent over? Cringe. My favorites in order:

Amy Adams is one of my all-time favorites. I love that she has been wearing navy for most of the award season. This dress and her hair blew me away. I disagree with the necklace over the dress but not enough to make me change this from being my #1.

Just being a gal and sipping out of a straw

Did you know that she met her husband in acting class a long time ago? Yes, I am a creeper.

I loved this color on her and I especially love her new hair. She looked absolutely stunning. Talk about break-up revenge. I am loving her new look, especially in the most recent Mango ads. Another blog post will be dedicated to those ads alone.

Thank you Scarlett for not wearing nude lipstick like 90% of the women on the red carpet this year.

She took her agent as her date

I also really liked Mila’s dress. While I am still convinced she is a bitch after watching her in an episode of MTV’s Punk’d, I can’t deny that she looked amazing last night.

Also, I have to mention that while I am a fan of Michelle Williams, I don’t know what the hell is going on with her voice these days. I can’t find the clip of her interview with Ryan Seacrest from last night  but it was beyond painful to watch and even the Crestinator seemed uncomfortable. Maybe she’s been hanging out too much with Ryan Gosling who is known for having a fake New York accent. Love them both but…..yeah.


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