12 May

Shake rattle and roll…and have nightmares. It’s been exactly 2 months and 1 day since the Japan earthquake. My dreams are still filled with tsunamis and the occasional “hey lets get out of here, this earthquake is going to kill us” scenario. I’m scared shitless of old elevators and I get through riding them by playing on my cell phone so as not to pay attention to the delay between the door opening. The city also happens to be tearing down the Transbay Terminal right by my office so my building is constantly shaking thanks to the never-ending drilling of pavement.

Experiencing that earthquake was life-changing. I realized that life is fragile. Certain things are out of our control. One minute you are buying souvenirs and enjoying a pastry, the next minute you are crouched on the ground feeling a huge wave ripple through the earth’s ground and watching a historic shrine sway back and forth like it was made of paper. I realized that no world super power can prepare for mother nature’s tantrums. In one second your whole life can be flipped. I feel guilty even thinking I am experiencing PTS since I was so far away from the real danger zone. I was so lucky to be where I was when it happened and meet the people that we met afterwards. I realized that Japan and its people are some of the strongest and most dignified people I’ve ever encountered. They’re carrying on and dealing which I plan on doing as well. Thoughts and prayers are with Japan especially Yoshiko and Roy—our heroes.

Bought this yesterday. $6.50 of the $10 you pay for this tote goes towards the Red Cross’s relief efforts in Japan.


One Response to “Shakes”

  1. Vintage Barbie May 13, 2011 at 6:24 am #

    Every night and day for as long as I live I will pray for and bless the fine people you and Dave met during your March 10 “weekend in Japan”.

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